York Cemetery, Toronto

Denomination: Non-denominational Ontario Region: Toronto

Since 1948, York Cemetery has been providing service to North York and its neighbouring communities. A portion of the cemetery office is located in the Michael Shepard House, built in the early 1850s and designated by the North York Historical Board as having architectural and historical significance.

1) The property for York Cemetery was acquired by the Toronto General Burying Grounds in 1916.
2) The land was originally granted by the crown by letters patent on May 9, 1805 to Joseph Shepard.
3) William Lyon MacKenzie is said to have hidden on the grounds during his escape to the US following the Upper Canada Rebellion in December 1837.
4) The present office for the cemetery was built by John Cummer for Michael Shepard after Michael was pardoned in 1843 for his part in the Rebellion. The builing, a Georgian farmhouse, was completed in early 1850. It has been extensively restored and is open to the public.
5) Although non-sectarian, there is a Moslem section in the cemetery.
6) To date (1989) over 25,500 burials.
7) Administered by the Toronto Trust Cemeteries.

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