Cutler, Wesley

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Professional Football Player. A native of Toronto, Ontario, Cutler played for the University of Toronto Orfuns from 1931 to 1932, and the Toronto Argonauts from 1933 to 1938. Considered a great end, fine tackle, and a blocker of exceptional pass, he began playing football while attending the Oakwood Collegiate School in Toronto, Ontario. He later attended the University of Toronto and helped lead his school’s team to the ORFU Championships, for which he was awarded the Bronze “T” athletic medal. He joined the Toronto Argonauts in 1933, and helped them win the 1933, 1937, and the 1938 Grey Cup Championships. For his hard work and dedication, Cutler was awarded with the Canadian Press All-Star Award for 1933 to 1938, and the Jeff Russel Memorial Trophy in 1938. Cutler died in Toronto, Ontario, at the age of 45, on June 10, 1956, and was posthumously inducted into the Canada Sports Hall of Fame in 1975, in the category of Team. (Find-a-grave)

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