Breakey, Norman James

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February 25, 1891; Died November 19, 1965

Norman Breakey was the inventor of the paint roller. He never reaped the financial benefits of his invention.

British patent 1946:

Breakey’s birth location is somewhat confused. His military attestation papers clearly show that he said he was born in Chicago, USA but our deep genealogical dive reveals he was born in Manitoba. The year of his birth has also been reported as 1890, 1891 and 1892. Up until our genealogical research, his death date was also unknown.

Norman James Breakey died Nov. 19, 1965, age 75, and was buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, ON, section 54, lot 1395. Christena Breakey died May 4, 1966, age 64, and was buried in the same section and lot.

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