St. John’s on the Humber (aka Denison Cemetery)

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The cemetery was first established as a burial ground about 1804 when Capt John Denison buried his young daughter Elizabeth at the recently acquired family farm in Weston. 

When Capt. John passed in 1824, his will specified that the burial ground be set aside as a family cemetery for his descendants and their spouses. There have been lots of trials and tribulations over the years, but the cemetery remains and is currently run by a non-profit corporation made up of volunteers from the family. 

St. John’s on the Humber Cemetery was established in the early 1800s on the farm of Captain John Denison and his wife Sophia. Burials in this cemetery are restricted to their descendants and spouses. It remains an active cemetery and is privately owned and operated.

GPS: 43.69320, -79.51150

145 Clouston Ave
North York, ON M6M 5H6

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