Mulholland Family

To further my new interest in the pioneering Mulholland family, I headed to Mount Pleasant Cemetery this afternoon to find their graves.

Thomas Mulholland and his wife, Mary Ann Conway, are buried near the western side of the cemetery looking out over Yonge Street. I fell in the cemetery a few weeks ago not far from here, I was extra careful walking on the wet hill today.

Further inside the cemetery, but still in the western half, is a stone for Thomas’ parents Henry Mulholland and Jane Armstrong, as well as some of their other descendants. Henry, of course, is not buried here as he died at sea in 1832 and his body was never recovered.

Jane too is remembered here but her body, which was originally in Toronto Potter’s Field, was later moved to The Necropolis. (That being said I cannot find a record associated with the Necropolis confirming her burial there.) Henry and Jane’s side of the stone is tree-covered and quite dark, especially on a dreary day. The brighter side marks the later descendants who are interred here.

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I have been interested in history for almost as long as I can remember. My mother and grandfather took me to see the King Tut exhibit at the AGO in 1979 when I was six years old. An interest in “Dead Canadians” might seem a far distance from ancient Egypt, but not really when you consider that both relate to the study of funerary practices and remembering the deceased.

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