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Septembe 05, 1916
Place of birth:
Toronto, Ontario
Date of Death
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January 13, 2002
Place of death:
Toronto, Ontario
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Holy Blossom Cemetery, Scarborough


Frank Shuster was the straight man of Canada's famous comedy duo, Wayne and Shuster. The pair met at Toronto's Harbord Collegiate and worked together at making people laugh until the death of Johnny Wayne in 1990.

In the 1930s they meet at Harbord Collegiate, Toronto, where they perform in annual revues; 1941 get a morning show with radio station CFRB; during WWII, tour for the Canadian army in France in The Army Show; 1946 get their own show on CBC radio; 1962 CBC launches The Wayne and Schuster Hour; 1950 start their record 67 performances on TV's Ed Sullivan Show, out of New York. Wayne and Shuster were twice chosen by TV critics and editors in the US as the best comedy team in North America.

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