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October Births

Jackson, A. Y.
A.Y. Jackson was a Canadian painter and founding member of the Group of Seven.
Papineau, Louis-Joseph
Louis-Joseph Papineau was a politician, lawyer, and the landlord of the seigneurie de la Petite-Nation. He was the leader of the reformist Patriote movement before the Lower Canada Rebellion ...
McPherson, Aimee Semple
Aimee Semple McPerson was a theatrical evangalist and media celebrity. She is known as a pioneer for her innovative use of radio in attracting followers from all over North America.
Crombie, Jonathan
Jonathan Crombie (October 12, 1966 - April 15, 2015) was a Canadian actor. He was best known for playing Gilbert Blythe in CBC Television's 1985 Anne of Green Gables and its two sequels.
Walker, Byron Edmund
Sir Byron Edmund Walker was a wealthy banker who is best remember for his philanthropic support of the arts. He was a patron of many Canadian educational and cultural institutions such as the...
Holmes, Thomas William VC
Sergeant Thomas Holmes received the Victoria Cross for Valour on the field at Passchendaele, Belgium.
Lancaster, Ron
Claim to fame: Football player, CFL Birth: 14 October 1938 (Fairchance, Pennsylvania., USA) Death: 18 September 2008 (Hamilton, Ontario) Cemetery: Unknown
Trudeau, Pierre
Pierre Trudeau was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. His Order of Canada citation reads "Lawyer, professor, author and defender of human rights this statesman served as Prime Minister of Can...
McClung, Nellie
Nellie McClung was a Canadian feminist, politician, and social activist. She was a part of the "The Famous Five" who launched the "Persons Case," which ultimately declared women "persons" und...
Douglas, Thomas Clement
Tommy Douglas is best known as the "father of medicare" in Canada.
Riel, Louis
Louis Riel was a politician, a founder of the province of Manitoba, and leader of the Métis. He sought to preserve Métis rights and culture as their homelands in the Northwest. He is regarded...
Wilson, J. Tuzo
J. Tuzo Wilson is geologist who is best-known for his theory of continental drift or plate tectonics.
Montferrand, Joseph
Jos Montferrand was a logger, strong man, voyageur and hero of the working man. He was the inspiration for the legendary Big Joe Mufferaw.
McFarlane, Leslie
Leslie McFarlane was a Canadian journalist, novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker. McFarlane is most famous for ghostwriting many of the early books in the very successful Hardy Boys series us...
Saltzman, Harry
Harry Saltzman is best known as the co-producer of 'Dr. No', 'Goldfinger' and seven more James Bond films from 1962-1974.
Findley, Timothy
Tim Findley was an actor, playwright and author.
Candy, John
John Candy was an actor and comedian. He rose to fame as a member of the Toronto branch of The Second City, and in his role in comedy films.
Keith, Alexander
Alexander Keith was mayor of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a Conservative member of the provincial legislature, and the founder of the Alexander Keith's Nova Scotia Brewery.
Brock, Sir Isaac
His military actions in the War of 1812, particularly his success at Detroit, earned him a knighthood, membership in the Order of Bath, accolades and the sobriquet “Hero of Upper Canada.”

October Deaths

Gould, Glenn Herbert
Glenn Gould was a pianist who became one of the best-known and most celebrated classical pianists of the twentieth century. He was particularly renowned as an interpreter of the keyboard musi...
Shawnee Chief. Led confederation of First Nations in league with the British, against the Americans, in the War of 1812. Was killed during the Battle of the Thames, in Upper Canada.
Algie, Wallace Lloyd
VC Citation: For most conspicuous bravery and self-sacrifice on the 11th October, 1918, north-east of Cambrai, when with attacking troops which came under heavy enfilade machine-gun fire from...
Brock, Sir Isaac
His military actions in the War of 1812, particularly his success at Detroit, earned him a knighthood, membership in the Order of Bath, accolades and the sobriquet “Hero of Upper Canada.”
Kerr, Frank
Frank Kerr, aka Frankie Venom, was the lead singer of punk rock pioneers Teenage Head, founded at Westdale High School in Hamilton, Ontario in 1975.
Secord, Laura Ingersoll
Laura Secord was the heroine who walked 32 km to warn the British that the Americans planned an attack at Beaver Dams on the Niagara peninsula in 1813.
Murphy, Emily
Emily Murphy was appointed police magistrate for Edmonton in 1916, making her the British Empire's and Canada's first female judge. She was one of the "Famous Five" who took part in the Perso...
Weider, Ben
Born: 1 February 1923 Died: 17 October 2008 (Jewish General Hospital, Montreal) Interred: Victorian Cemetery Association, de la savane
Arden, Elizabeth
Florence Nightingale Graham, who went by the business name Elizabeth Arden, was a Canadian businesswoman who built a cosmetics empire.
Clarke, Leo
Cpl. Leo Clarke earned his Victoria Cross in 1916. He was sent to clear a section of trench when he was attacked by 20 German soldiers. He stood his ground and emptied his revolver twice into...
Wiseman, Joseph
Joseph Wiseman was a theatre and film actor. He is best known for starring as Dr. No in the James Bond movie. He also had a notable career on Broadway.
Carmichael, Franklin
Franklin Carmichael was a member of the Group of Seven. He was primarily a watercolourist but also worked as an illustrator and teacher.
Simcoe, John Graves
John Graves Simcoe was the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. He founded York (now Toronto) and was instrumental in introducing courts, trial by jury, English common law and in abolis...
Mayer, Louis B.
Louis B. Mayer was one of the founders of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He grew up Saint John, New Brunswick after having immigrated from M...
Tupper, Charles
Sir Charles Tupper. 6th Prime Minister of Canada, Canadian Prime Minister and Premier of Nova Scotia, Father of Confederation
Law, Andrew Bonar
Andrew Bonar Law was born in New Brunswick and went on to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He was the only person born outside of the British Isles to become Prime Minister of the ...
Abbott, Sir John Joseph Caldwell
3rd Prime Minister of Canada Date of Birth: 12-Mar-1821 St. Andrews, Lower Canada Date of Death: 30-Oct-1893 Montréal, Québec Cemetery: Mount Royal Cemetery
Black, Martha Louise
I have a suggestion for another person for your site. Her name was Martha Louise Black. She was the second woman elected to the Parliament. However that is just one part of her fascinating st...
Montferrand, Joseph
Jos Montferrand was a logger, strong man, voyageur and hero of the working man. He was the inspiration for the legendary Big Joe Mufferaw.
Richardson, James
James Richardson was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross "for most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty ... strode up and down outside the wire playing his pipes with the greatest cooln...
Bathiah Duglass
The oldest known headstone in Canada is that of Bathiah Duglass at the Garrison Cemetery at Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia.